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Geospatial Services

Geographic information system, is majorly used in the industrial sector to manage all types of geographical data that which is captured, stored, modified, analyzed and presented. GIS offers business numerous opportunities to explore and expand.

Utility Mapping
Ever ending demands for Energy and the way energy sources are managed from time to time within the government’s guidelines, needs industry experts to its realm to continue the energy cycle. Ever increasing customer expectations for a quality service, enhanced performance and greater transparency in the energy space is always the prime concern. In the open markets for energy management and its service delivery, Hansel IT’s rich experience and ground presence with focused areas in GAS, Electrical, Oil and Telecom. Hansel IT’s global reach with farfetched experience across all the utility sectors are meeting the challenges of today while positioning ourselves against the challenges to come.

We believe that sound, flaw-less value system is a basic prerequisite for a successful business. We have a well experienced, Trained& seasoned professional to provide all the services that a multi faced services company in Hyderabad would expect. Our comprehensive experience of handling complex and diverse projects, have made us to stand out in the crowd. Our service offerings encompasses the whole spectrum – from gathering requirements, to solutioning, managing the product to generate its intended revenue, fixing the bugs, performance monitoring and finally creating an environment for a Happy Customer. Our clients include Small and medium enterprises to large Multinationals across the globe. Our clients enjoy associating with us for a simple reason that we exceed their expectations, We make this happen because we believe in our own service claims.

Cadastral Mapping

Street Navigation