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Welcome to Hansel IT!

As our services signify, we relate our service offerings to time critical service delivery. Service Delivery lessons, learned over a decade, proven processes and the ever opened windows of learning and with the out stretched hands of extending value relationships built on the quality of services delivered repeatedly makes us most sort after in the space of providing professional services, across our clients spectrum

We bring with us rich experience in gigantic customer base, unfamiliar deliverables, new age technology expertise, market foresights, a refreshing approach and with highest standards of quality, which has always been the fulcrum of our activities. We provide mission critical Custom Application Development solutions to meet our Clients every day business needs. We guide, plan and design custom services to meet every day corporate and business needs. We plan, create, customize, translate service to value and mange the key business processes that every business/corporate needs.

Hansel IT is a global services provider, that include comprehensive Geospatial services, End to end Information technology services, Engineering services, 3D Modeling, Software Consulting and outsourcing, software training and internship programs, Our expertise and knowledge acquired over years developing custom global solutions, executing large projects is a corresponding mix of project management, business process analysis and activity based technologies.